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Holy Week and Pascha 2013: Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior Rye, NY

The Greek Orthodox Church of our Saviour with 450 families celebrated Holy and Great Week with an enthusiasm and piety that was an incredible blessing for all. Each night we had lay people volunteer to read the Psalms, the epistles and Dooxology. Each night we had an exceptional turn out of Altar Boys averaging 17 to 20 in number. The most impressive thing experienced was the true joy of our resurrection to come. Christ is Risen was chanted in various languages along with the Gospel on Pascha Sunday in over 12 languages including American Sign Languages. Our youth retreat on Holy Friday included the children receiving the precious body of the Lord from the Cross during the afternoon vespers service and to close the evening, we had beautiful young girls serve as myrofores (myrrh bearers). Our parish is truly a blessed Community and we glorify the Risen Christ together as one family.

Rev. Fr. Elias Villis
Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior

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